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Over two decades of working for private businesses, film and video production companies, mural studios, entrepreneurs, and social service agencies, guarantees that Tim will know how to meet your creative needs. In addition to being an artist, Tim is also a writer and director as well, so he’ll know how to take your idea- whether loose or detailed- and mold them into the best graphics, paintings, and memories.

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Something of great significance has just arrived on earth, and it is past due. Just as thirty-six-year old graphic designer Trevin Lambrose decides he needs much more from his unfulfilling life, he unexpectedly becomes the first to witness a shimmering anomaly. Suddenly, his head is filled with happy memories of childhood parties, good friends, and unconditional love. As the anomaly quietly disappears, Trevin has no idea he is slowly inching closer to a truth that will shake the entire world.

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Timothy J. Elliott is a one-stop shop for a vast array of artistic styles, mediums and applications.

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Mr. Elliott has been featured in the Daily Herald and Contempo.

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