About Tim

Photo of Timothy J. Elliott

Timothy J. Elliott is a one-stop shop for a vast array of artistic styles, mediums and applications. Tim has covered the grounds; ranging from being a pinball and video artist for Williams Bally Midway, a commercial illustrator for magazines and businesses, creating one-of-a-kind, high-end murals and realty illustrations throughout Southwest Florida and the Chicago-land area, to the Creative Artist on Staff at Misericordia, Heart of Mercy Center, Chicago.

Over two decades of working for private businesses, film and video production companies, mural studios, entrepreneurs, and social service agencies, guarantees that Tim will know how to meet your creative needs. Tim is a writer and director, as well, having produced corporate videos, industrial films, shorts and advertising copy; so he’ll know how to take your idea- whether loose or detailed- and mold them into the best graphics, paintings and memories.

His range of subject matter is virtually unlimited, extending from conceptual to outrageous to whimsical to photo-realistic. Tim is trained in classical fine art painting and drawing, and has a Master’s degree in Film. He immerses himself into the commercial art arena. Art, imagination and story-telling is his passion, and his amiable, flexible, problem-solving approach leaves a legacy of not only beauty but of delighted clients.